Sock it unto others as you would have them sock it to you.

We’re done here. Deepest and sincerest thanks to everyone who played on this. Special gratitude to the @spacebomb crew, @pinsonthemighty @cameronthewise and @pollardtrey, it’s a tremendous pleasure to make music with you guys. Off to New York tomorrow to put on the finishing touches.

It’s been said that Natalie Prass has the voice of an angel, but here at Spacebomb we’d like to clarify that Prass has the voice of one of the cool, tough angels–an angel you would actually want to hang out with, the kind who know the best swimming clouds to go to, where the parties are in the abandoned mansions, who the good angel DJs are, etc.

Listen now at A.V. Club

Pinson the Mighty at work @pinsonthemighty (at Spacebomb East )